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Slide Be curious and learn something new every day. It is the foundation to how I practice law, teach others, mentor, write and live. It can be a simple as following an interesting article link or taking a dive into a topic of interest, reading the latest cases on a particular topic or looking up a word in the dictionary. Learn. Every day.

I love the day to day roles I have. I am the Legal Practice Director at Life Law Solutions. I’ve been working here since 2005. I’ve been a trainee lawyer, lawyer, partner and owner. I have learned something in each role I have held.

Life Law Solutions is (and I’m a little biased here) a great place to work, made great firstly by the team I get to work with every day, but also in the work we do. Our team manages all aspects of family law, whether property, parenting or divorce, focusing on resolving matters out of court. It also includes the preparation of wills, estate planning and estate administration as well as family provision claims. We have a great property and conveyancing team to assist with all property law related matters.

My day to day focuses on managing the legal practice along with assisting the Court and parties with matters as an Independent Children's Lawyer representing children in complex family law matters, I am passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for children in the family law system.

The other cool thing I am doing is as a Founding Partner at Acumen Leadership - a platform that delivers leadership centric information and education partnered with a practical application that realises an expanded vision for professional development. What’s that mean – well I believe that there is a need for young professionals to learn more about leadership as they make their way through their careers, from leading yourself, to leading a team or an organisation.

Lifelong learning is my mantra. I can't stop learning. I have 2 Masters in Law and recently completed Seth Godin's altMBA. The altMBA was the best study program I've ever done. Talk to me if you want to know more. Within this love of learning is this desire to teach others. I love my role as an Adjunct Lecturer with the College of Law. I love working with the future of our profession to guide them through the College programs and out into the real world.

I love to write. You can see my musings at here amongst these pages. I wrote a book for those going through family law divorce and separation - Trust Yourself: How empowered decision making will help you resolve your family law matter was published in March 2018 - a great non boring, not full of legal jargon guide for those going through family law matters.

I love books, collect dictionaries and on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning can be found catching up with friends challenging ourselves with The Weekend Australian Quiz.

Keep learning every day. Stay curious.