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Celebrating a sense of achievement


Today I sat down at my computer and wrote 3000 words towards what is probably “take 3” of my book.  Yes, I’m writing a book!  I started this project last year, determined to publish a 30,000 word book by writing 30,000 words in 30 days.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a proven formula which works.  Just not for me. No, I emerged from a full weekend of writing with such severely strained eyes that without rest, would have resulted in steroid injections (not a nice image, hey!).

There is nothing like the threat of an injection to the eye to make you sit up and notice your computer usage.   I turned computer shy very quickly and began insisting my staff print everything they needed my approval on (my practice manager is very pleased this phase has passed). Naturally, this event put my book on hold.  I was so disheartened that the goal I set out to achieve was on the back burner. It was hard times, on all fronts.

As time went on and my eyesight improved, I lost the drive and passion for my chosen topic. Each time I considered it, I couldn’t help but think this book was beyond my capability and was fast becoming “bigger than Ben Hur”.  And so, I parked it.  Indefinitely.

In April 2017, after returning from a fabulous holiday to Austria and northern Italy, I felt refreshed and revitalised.  I found new inspiration in the spaces within our new home and for the first time, I could see a glimmer of hope that the book I wanted to write was a possibility.

In May, I sat down and mapped out what “take 3” might look like.  I say, “take 3” because in the moments before I gave in on “take 1” I had tried a new topic which I thought might provide some inspiration.  On reflection, I had overcompensated and the task turned to be overwhelming.

“Take 3” was looking good.  I returned to the first principles I had learned the year before; write about what you know and don’t try and reinvent the wheel.  I wrote the introduction.  I liked it.  I began to feel inspired.

Today, I sat down and wrote 3000 words (with lots of blinking, looking away from the screen and breaks).  I can now see taking shape, what I had set out to achieve in 2016.  I am so excited by the prospect of finishing my book.

So, what’s it about? I hear you asking. You’re just going to have to wait and see… but heres a little clue. Those who know me will understand, it’s about the balance between my core values of knowledge and education, and my passion for assisting clients in resolving their family law disputes.  Stay tuned!

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