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Every day is a school day

I say this a lot. Most days. Each day we learn something new either through trying something new, doing something the same or making a mistake. When I say it I don’t mean it in a “teaching you a lesson” negative way – I truly believe we learn each day from things we do or don’t do.

Something gets missed – you work out a different way of doing things so that it doesn’t happen again. You take on more than you should, you can’t cope – you learn new ways of managing your workflow whether the amount or through delegation. You learn your limits and how to manage or push beyond them. You find a neat way of doing something that saves time, energy, money – you’ve learnt something. An interesting new matter comes across your desk, you look into it, you absorb the details, you learn new things.

It could even come from a drive out of curiosity – you catch up with friends for a quiz, you don’t know an answer, you deep dive into a random topic like the longest rivers in the world or the number of countries in Europe with one syllable – curiosity lead you there, you learnt something new.

So why? Why learn every day, why take what we learn from actions we take and create new ways? Why not marvel in things we know just because. Why not.

This note from Seth Godin arrived in my inbox this weekend.

Don’t waste the lesson: Things rarely turn out precisely the way we hoped. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can figure out why. If we find the lesson and learn from it, it might be even more valuable than if we’d simply gotten lucky.

Find the lesson.