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Have courage and be kind

I’m very tired, but my brain won’t rest long enough for me to sleep. It’s 10am Sunday morning, February 2019. I am supposed to be in Sydney at a course but it wasn’t to be. Having had a lovely holiday in Hawaii this week with my mum, we landed in Brisbane on Saturday night as the Brisbane International Airport went into shut down. It was a strange experience. One you read about or watch on the news as happening to others. I expect we were all pretty tired having been on a plane for 9 ½ hours. While it was 8.30am local time, it was 12.30am in Hawaii. Tired parents and a couple of overtired kids and a few hundred others.

The Border Force team did a good job in what would be difficult circumstances. Get a couple of hundred tired people off the plane, let them disembark, head down the corridor almost at duty free and then turn them around and shuffle everyone off to the other end of the corridor, down stairs and outside. And wait.

In a time where news is so readily available, Twitter really was the best source of what was going on. For the Border Force team to maintain their roles, look after us, keep us updated in a formal way so as not to cause alarm (appreciating we were mostly finding our own sources of news), find us some water when we went into our second hour of waiting – like I said they did a good job. It was about 3 hours before we were able to trundle back down towards duty free and through customs, about 3 ¾ hours from disembarking to taxi.

I’m okay, mum’s okay, we all were I think, just so very tired and with some anxious about family waiting, missed connections, plans that now wouldn’t happen.

I’ve read through the news and various accounts as I lay here awake. Everyone has a view. I suppose this is one to. A domestic violence incident, stalking, and bomb hoax in the food court at the international airport and a standoff that took a few hours to clear. It’s true, domestic violence is prevalent in society. It shouldn’t be, but it is, and we have services who work so hard to assist, raise awareness, prevent, and support through crisis and beyond. The Centre for Women & Co, a service I’ve been involved with for 8 years, provides the services in the greater Brisbane areas of Logan, Beenleigh and the Redlands for women experiencing domestic and family violence.

However the story that really grabbed me in my FaceBook feed this morning was a video posted by Constance Hall about the bullying she’s experienced in her life and most recently for deciding to go on Dancing with the Stars. I cannot imagine what it would be like to experience such hatred just for being who you are. It’s not a new concept, I know that. We have anti-bullying campaigns at all levels but as I watched this I thought ‘wow, what’s wrong with people’ and ‘good on you Constance, I’m with you’.

So what’s the point of these Sunday morning ramblings? Cinderella, (I particularly love the most recent version) might be a magical fairy tale, but the ethos has always been at the core of what I believe and how I chose to live my life.

Have courage and be kind


She saw the world not as it always was,
but as it could be, with perhaps a little bit of magic.

Whilst I’m not saying there are those that don’t, imagine if we all just got on with it, with kindness. For the Border Force team doing their job. For the domestic violence services who work away in the background without notoriety. For those who live their lives as they are without bullying. Sometimes it helps just to have a little reminder.

Practice kindness. Be courageous. Believe in magic.

Until next time.


PS. It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this forum. I have some exciting new projects coming out in the coming months. I’m looking forward to reengaging with you as I roll those out.

PPS. Photo is of the sun setting as we flew in over the pacific islands. Just magical.