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Learning & Writing: Exciting times ahead


This month I commenced a role with the College of Law, working with the students undertaking their Practical Legal Training.  In this role, I will be responsible for facilitating the learning experience of aspiring lawyers. Learning about the law has long been a passion of mine and I am so honoured to take on this role and assist in shaping the careers of young trainee lawyers.

That passion for learning and for the law has this month pushed me to complete my manuscript for my first book and send the draft away for editing and publishing.  When I last wrote, I was celebrating having written 3000 words.  I’ve now written close to 26-27,000 words (I lost track of the formal word count).  The moment I hit send on the email I started shaking.  The excitement of this next phase was overwhelming.  I can’t wait for the next step.

One of the key themes in my book is the need for knowledge and how important the right kind of knowledge is in working towards resolving your family law matters.  The way I see it, if you have the right knowledge you will be empowered to resolve your matter rather than battling your way through the family law courts.

As I reflected on what to share with you this month, these two key achievements stood out in my mind.  To me, they are very much related and whether you are a new trainee lawyer with hopes and dreams of pursuing a career in the law or a client setting out on your legal journey, these key learnings from my own writing journey might resonate with you:

  1. Every day is indeed a school day – we learn more and more about how we can and can’t do things, what our limits are and what the best process is for dealing with any given thing. We learn about the law, the processes. We learn about things that we are curious and interested about.
  2. Take time out to look after body, mind and soul. This is necessary in order to stay inspired to keep doing what you love and to persevere through your legal dilemma. If your mind is clouded, it can be a much harder journey.
  3. Be curious. Read about things that interest you and keep feeding your mind with information about those matters.  Time out in those curious modes provide joy and excitement about new things learned.  I recently read a fabulous biography about Queen Victoria.  The change this Monarch saw over her reign was astounding! This book provided a great time out for me.
  4. Keep learning about those things which you are passionate about. For me, I love being a lawyer and at the very core of that is a deep and imbedded love of learning, knowledge and an ability to impart that knowledge on others.

So, on that note I’m off to keep learning and writing.  My next writing project is already swirling around in my head so it’s time to put my fingers to the keyboard and plan out the next instalment.

I’d love to hear from you with your learning and writing experiences.

Until next time.