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Lessons in law and life

I like stats and dates and memories. On 13 June 2005, I started day 1 of my 4 week QUT practical legal training placement at what was then Frank Carroll Solicitor. This is the same firm that I now own as Legal Practice Director after a transition through Carroll Fairon Solicitors to Life Law Solutions. 

It was the Tuesday following the June long weekend (those were the days). On the Wednesday Frank offered me a job as a Law Clerk, and from then I received my first pay as a law clerk.

So, what have I learned in 15 years?

* Shiny objects are fun to chase but don’t take your eye off the day to day.

* Find good mentors, learn from them, absorb what they say.

* If you don’t know the answer, research, ask the question, learn.

* Teach others, be kind to others.

* Stop and celebrate achievements, don’t just keep pushing through.

* Invest in your team and your culture.

* Learn something beyond your profession, seek out knowledge and growth where your passion lies.

* Always stay curious, ask questions, listen.

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