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Mindfulness through curiosity and kindness

At the beginning of July I was indulging in a mindless scroll through facebook when a video caught my attention.  The comments said this “If you’ve felt an opportunity to redesign things moving forward (instead of going back to the norm – busy, striving, lacking, time slipping by, etc) check out this program and feel into whether it aligns for you.”  Huh I thought, definitely feeling a slip back into the busy, not quite sure I like it there.  And so began my 30 day immersion into Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with Erin Ashley. 

I met Erin about 2 years ago through a business coach and we have remain connected online.  Erin has a presence that is so very calming and at any event where we have connected I have felt an immediate sense of peace. 

We’ve had a topsy-turvy world since about March, through shutdowns, remote work, mastering zoom, getting teams working efficiently, finding your paperclips, getting your remote printer to work, then heading back to work again, and now being very aware that at any moment we (in Queensland) could be back.  My time at home over those few months was a combination of stress and anxiety about the unknown and then just getting on with it when decisions were made.  I had some time away from work for study undertaking a fast paced MBA program which was go go go.  As we transitioned back to work I found myself slipping back into that busyness despite the promises I’d made to myself about more time for me (whether it was yoga, writing or just sitting with a cup of tea and thinking).

And then Erin popped up on my facebook feed.  The timing was right.

This last 30 days has been a much needed reset.  A way to actually redefine a new way of doing things, rather than drifting back into the old busyness.  Erin created a caring community with regular checkins and zoom calls (these falling on Monday to set your intention for the week were fantastic). The in person 2 retreat days held at the tranquil Chenrezig Institute at Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast were the perfect way to switch off and immerse yourself in learning about Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.  If you were going a million miles an hour when you arrived you couldn’t help but slow down as you rolled over the unsealed road heading into Chenrezig.

After my 30 days I feel like I have actually reset and found a new way of existing in the day to day.  My morning time for me is important.  I have returned to meditation and am enjoying the mindful practice of yoga.

As Erin says of the 30 day program, “over the last few weeks we’ve been exploring ways to rest back into BEING. It’s a space of non-doing, yet it’s far from being unproductive. In fact once you’ve given yourself permission to shift back a few gears, and allow expansiveness to infiltrate your body, mind and heart again, a very natural desire to want to go out and DO again returns. Yet this time, we can do everything it is that we need to do with presence, with purpose, and with compassion. This is an incredible way to make a difference in your own life, all your relationships, and make a positive difference to the entire world.”

So with an enhanced focus on awareness I am starting another week, curious about what it holds and approaching it with kindness for myself and as always, for others.


PS – you can find out more about Erin and her next 30 day immersion here –  https://www.erinashley.com.au/30day-yogaimmersion