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The power of choice

In the last month I’ve been reflecting on the power of choice. We all have the choice to do things or not do things every day. We can choose to approach our day positively, or not. We can choose to let the behaviour or mood of others impact us, or not. We can choose to proactively get out there and do the things we love doing, from business ideas, to exercise or going for a walk, or not. I have found that when I start to think about decisions and choices this way, more often than not we make the choice that is best for us. Thinking about it another way – in a recent podcast with Tim Ferriss and Elizabeth Gilbert – Elizabeth talked about doing things for “Future Liz”, taking active steps to benefit our future self. 

So with that in mind what choices are impacting us and you right now?

The team at Life Law Solutions has chosen to return to ‘in office’ work this week after 3 months at home and then transitioning back during June. We are glad to be back in the office, though I think we would all agree that the time at home has been beneficial too.  

While we are now open and seeing clients as usual we would ask that you make sure you are well before coming in for appointments. If you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms please stay home – choose to stay home and look after yourself. We will continue to offer appointments by Zoom and telephone for the foreseeable future to accommodate you if you are unable to attend at the office. Our priority is the health and safety of our team.

We have been working away on things we love doing with our clients:

  • We have resolved some complicated estate litigation matters – claims by beneficiaries on estates where they haven’t received proper provision are always complex and hard on the beneficiaries. Reaching an agreement without having to have a court hearing is always the best outcome to allow everyone to move forward.
  • We have continued to assist with property purchases and sales – our conveyancing team didn’t really take a break during these past few months and we have lots of happy clients buying and selling their homes.
  • We have resolved some ongoing family law matters, bringing closure to our clients and providing them with the ability to move on from their relationships.

All of these matters involve choice, the decision to settle and move on or not. It makes us so happy to see clients at the end of their matter, knowing they made the decision to wake up the following day knowing it was all over.

On that note, we’ll roll on into the new financial year.